Beacon Rock State Park

While hanging out recently one lazy Sunday afternoon in Welches at the base of Mt. Hood, a friendly American missionary from Haiti told me about a favorite hike of his in the area that he makes sure he hikes every time he’s in the area. It’s called Beacon Rock and, like Coyote Wall I just posted about, it’s on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge.

This park has a pretty fascinating history as an ancient volcanic plug purchased in 1915 by the Biddle family who created one single climb 9/10ths of a mile in length. The view is stunning around every twist and turn.

My companions on this Memorial Day were 2 Afghanis, a Colorado native and a South African, all fit and eager for a challenge (though one was fasting for Ramadan). What we found on Beacon Rock was easy enough that families of all ages (well, didn’t see elderly with walkers) could do this hike.

There is a $10 day use fee that can be submitted at the parking lot, so just plan ahead with some cash if that’s how you want to do it (rather than getting it online ahead of time).


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