Coyote Wall Hike

May 27th was a perfect sunny day. It was also a day in which our church’s hiking group was set to tackle a 9-miler on the Washington side of the Columbia River Gorge. The trailhead is close to White Salmon, WA and the whole drive there from Portland is pretty spectacular in its own right.

After parking we headed up the old paved road with rockfall all over it and turned left where we aimed to come up to the ridge in a long circular route rather than tackle it head on in an out-and-back.

Poison Oak was everywhere. So glad I wore pants because it’s not possible for a guy like me to not get off trail just a little bit. Mountain bikers have adopted this spot too and I must admit I was slightly jealous of those heading downhill.

Our group was about ten in number and I’m really glad there were a few smart enough folks who really packed in a lot of water. I’m more used to hiking along riverbeds or under dense canopy so this exposed hike was certainly a change. Not an unwelcome one… just different.

About an hour or two into our hike we ended up on someone’s private farm and got a little turned around. That’s when I turned on the All Trails app and found our bearings. Before long we were on the Coyote Wall ridge itself. With the Columbia River in the distance and Mt. Hood even further off, you just can’t go wrong choosing this as a day hike destination.


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