A Kiwi Poetry Reading

Back in late May a very special couple came to visit all the way from Lithuania.
Kel & Sharon are friends of ours from a different life really… a life in southeast Asia, circa 1999, the Philippine Islands specifically, when they came for a month’s long training in primary health care. I, too, was a student and Kel and I spent many breaks over vigorous table tennis rounds. After they moved on from the training they began working at a orphanage north of Cebu City. They would pop in every now and again, Kel often quite malnourished, to rest and eat during our remaining time there. They didn’t return to their home country of New Zealand for long as they headed off to Lithuania where they worked for 14.5 years while we spent our 13 in sub saharan Africa.

Their time now wrapped up, they are on an epic cross-country bicycle journey that begins in Portland. We had the privilege of hosting Kel’s first American poetry gig this go-round and we enjoyed an evening spent with friends who were quickly endeared by Kel’s sense of humor and vivid storytelling.


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